Succulent myths that have to die (or else your plants will)

Published May 13, 2021, 10:30 AM

by Vina Medenilla

Succulents are popular plants that are often recommended to a lot of beginners. Although succulents are highly preferred, there are misconceptions about them that need to be discussed. One common misconception is that growing them is a piece of cake, which makes some people conclude they are the hardest species to kill. Another misbelief is considering succulents and cacti as entirely different. While all cacti are considered succulents, not every succulent is a cactus.

Image by katerina zhang from Pixabay.

A gardener named Sarah Gerrard-Jones shared tips in growing succulents to eliminate these misconceptions about them: 

Bright light. Succulents love the sun and cannot grow well in full shade. Growing them indoors, especially if the house has limited access to light, can be challenging. 

Insufficient sunlight will lead to weak, unhealthy stems and smaller leaves. Invest in grow lights or keep the succulents in areas with bright light to prevent these. Transferring them outdoors is also an option. 

Water them. Do not water succulents only when it’s convenient. Succulent’s high adaptability to drought does not mean they do not need water at all. At the same time, do not keep the soil moist for too long as this can also cause root rot. Make sure that the plants get enough light after watering so they can process the moisture. 

Use well-draining soil. Do not just use any soil as this is vital to their growth. Use a mix that can drain water at a reasonable rate. 

Location. Apart from providing a suitable medium, keeping succulents in a space where they can grow best is extremely necessary. Once they thrive in a spot, do not move them unless they show signs of wilting. 

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