Proud morena Bianca Gonzalez declares: ‘All skin tones are beautiful’

Published May 13, 2021, 10:45 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

For the nth time, TV host Bianca Gonzalez is promoting self-love, particularly when it comes to skin color.

“Hindi ‘kawawa’ ang morena. Hindi dehado, hindi lugi, hindi pangit ang maitim kumpara sa maputi. Tama na ang harmful messaging na yan, please. That would be my message to 17-year old me in this picture, and to all other brown-skinned girls (and boys!) who might be reading this,” she wrote on Instagram, then using the hashtag “#ProudMorena.”

Bianca also shared the link of her latest episode on “#PaanoBaTo: The Podcast,” where she advised her listeners to stop thinking that having dark skin is less than fair skin.

“That maitim is uglier than maputi… All skin tones are beautiful, really! I mean let’s encourage our modern children to love their skin they are in; to take care of it, to moisturize, to scrub, to get healthy and glowing skin instead of these harmful messages that they aren’t pretty enough because they’re dark or that they have to be whiter in order to get noticed.”