Mother’s Day, Solane, and creating memories

Published May 12, 2021, 3:54 PM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

If there are some things this COVID pandemic has taught us, it’s that essentials are what we all fall back on when times are tough. That we can’t let ourselves become slaves to the virus, but still always act on the side of caution and prudence. And that part of surviving and mastering these troubling days, is by creating strong memories with family and friends.

Solane is fully aware of how so many of our kababayans are struggling. On this Mother’s Day, Solane joins hands with all of us as we celebrate that person, who in many ways, has been the strength and foundation of any home during these trying times. And that’s Nanay!

For us Filipinos, one of the strongest family-bonding activities are those centered on food. Whether it’s Mommy with children ‘playing’ in the kitchen, elder daughters picking up true culinary skills, or preparing special meals with family recipes handed down over generations – there’s nothing quite like celebrating family over a meal. It’s on occasions such as these that Lola, Mommy, the daughters, and even the men who are ready to don aprons and know how to cook, band together to create the special memories I was referring to above.

And it’s in the kitchen, and the activity of cooking, that Solane makes their presence and contribution felt. As the leading LPG solutions company in the country, Solane strives to keep on powering homes and businesses, catering to the demands of these difficult and challenging times. For our cooking needs, Solane provides instant heat that’s easy to control.

To offer options to the users, the 11kg Solane LPG cylinder is available in two variants: the A/S type which has an automatic shut-off safety feature, and the POL type (‘de roskas’), the one more commonly used. Getting refills for your LPG tanks at home is just a phone call, text, or online transaction away, with every Solane LPG delivery guaranteed via a 7-Point Safety Check of your LPG system by the trained Solane LPG riders—a service exclusive to Solane LPG users.

Solane honors the Filipino mothers on their special day, and renews Solane’s commitment to making their
lives safer and more convenient. Happy Mother’s Day!