Lower House readies commendation for 3 teenagers for developing portable weather gadget

Published May 12, 2021, 4:36 PM

by Ben Rosario

The House Committee on Science and Technology has endorsed a House of Representatives commendation for three students of the Philippine Science High School Central Visayas campus for securing the patent for a Portable Weather Station that they created.

Bohol Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado, committee chairman, cited McSteven Melicor, Christian James Fantonial and Elram Espra after being granted a patent from the Intellectual Property Office for their gadget known as the Multi-Purpose Interconnected Transceiver System (MITs).

The device, Aumentado noted, can help boost agricultural productivity of certain rural communities in the country.

The administration lawmaker filed House Resolution No. 1471 that won unanimous support from the science and technology panel.

He explained that the students invented a “technology that can provide a system and apparatus for gathering and showing weather information.” The invention can display the temperature, humidity, heat index, altitude and air pressure in a certain area.

“The MITs consist of three devices: the main device, the weather staiton and the GPS tracker,” he said.

Aumentado explained that the main device collects real-time data from the other two devices and presents the information through either a liquid crystal display that is located in front of the main device or software application that is compatible with mobile devices.

Aumentado said the PSHS scholars drew inspiration and guidance in developing the technology from their adviser, Physics instructor Benito Baje.

He said the technology can significantly assist communities, especially famrers, in “generating effective plans in preparing land for planting and for the caring for the crops.

Thus, agricultural productivity will get a strong boost.

“The GPS tracker can also help against theft prevention,” said Aumentado.

According to him the patent granted for the invention is the first earned by the Philippine Science HIgh School System.