OMG! Kim Atienza slams Mario Maurer

Published May 12, 2021, 11:09 AM

by Neil Ramos

Mario Maurer was seemingly only too eager to reciprocate adulation he received from the country’s representative to this year’s Miss Universe pageant during a recent interview.

The Thai actor happily wished Rabiya Mateo the best of luck in the competition, something that received the approval of many.

But not Kim Atienza.

The popular weatherman and walking encyclopedia castigated Mario in a recent social media post.

He said, “No, Rabiya is not a fan of yours, Kakai was and how badly you and your PR team treated her. Just had to say that.”

His statement also garnered support from fans.

To those not in the know, Kim was referring to his friend, actress Kakai Bautista, who, prior, allegedly received notice from Mario’s lawyers urging her to cease mentioning the actor’s name in any way.

Kakai and Mario worked prior in the Star Cinema movie “Suddenly It’s Magic.”