3 makeup tips for beginners by Janine Gutierrez

Published May 11, 2021, 6:00 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

And the importance of choosing easy-to-use cosmetics products

With her morena skin, baby face features, and charming personality, it’s undeniable that Janine Gutierrez is one of the most beautiful faces in the local entertainment scene. 

She’s been endorsing different beauty brands and is one of the most recent ones is for the AVON Simply Pretty makeup line. And Manila Bulletin Lifestyle got to ask the Gawad Urian Best Actress awardee some of her makeup tips for beginners. 

Janine Gutierrez
  1. Find what you need the most
    According to Janine, the first thing to take into consideration is your lifestyle. “It’s important to figure out which products you need the most in your lifestyle, because you’ll be using these items for a long time, so you should invest in items that are hassle-free and multi-benefit,” she says. 

2. Be patient
When it comes to learning how to apply makeup, she reminds everyone to take things slow. “You should also be patient in learning techniques. Luckily, girls today have access to beauty vloggers and websites that can teach everything so take your time in learning,” she continues.

3. Don’t go overboard
“The last tip I can advise to beginners is to always remember that makeup is only a way to enhance your natural features, so don’t go overboard,” she says. “Find out which products and techniques work for you best.” 

With all of these tips, the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Science (FAMAS) Awards Best Actress, also emphasized the importance of choosing simple and easy-to-use makeup. “Choosing makeup products that are simple and easy to use just removes that extra hassle that can add up to our everyday stress,” she says. “We’re already dealing with a lot these days—and I mean a lot–—so using makeup to at least add that boost of confidence can help us get through the day. If you feel good about yourself, you’re most likely to accomplish more. It’s like, you’re stressed, but you can also be accomplished and simply pretty.”