10 Thai series you can binge-watch

Published May 11, 2021, 6:53 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

            Thai series is taking the world by storm. Aside from K-drama, Lakorn series in Thailand is getting a lot of attention around the globe. It offers different types of genre which fans can truly enjoy.

            From BL (Boys Love) craze which other nations replicated, Thai TV programs provides a great adaptation of other popular dramas from other countries.

Read on to see what you should be watching, in a report by Dane Maverick G. Padel and Merciely A. Salvador City of Malabon University.

2gether The Series

One of the famous BL (Boys Love) series from Thailand. It’s about a boy who’s trying to avoid an admirer, a college student, who plays up a relationship with a pretend-to-be boyfriend until the act turns into a reality. It is adapted from Jitti Rain’s novel.

Because of its popularity around the world, the producers decided to make a sequel entitled “Still:
2gether the Series” and will have an upcoming show based on the series.

The Gifted

It’s a story of a 10th grade student who is struggling and ordinary. Adding to the mystery, he becomes part of the “Gifted Program” which is the highest and most special class in the school where only limited students are accepted.

Two years after the release of the series, they made the second season entitled “The Gifted: Graduation” in 2020.

The Crown Princess

The series is about a princess who encounters danger after her coronation in Hrysos. To stay protected, she is secretly sent to Thailand where Dawin, a Lieutenant Commander of the Thai Navy Seal becomes her bodyguard.

This series won the award for best drama in 2018.

You Are My Destiny

This is based on a 2008 Taiwanese drama “Fated to Love You.” As the first Lakorn series aired in the Philippines, “You Are My Destiny” is a romantic-comedy show on unconventional love affair.


“Leh Lub Salub Rarng” or “Switch” in its English title, is a romantic-comedy-drama series. It’s about the swapping of bodies with a high-profile police officer who’s an egocentric playboy and looks down on woman; and an ungrateful superstar who looks down on men and her co-workers.

He’s Coming to Me

“He’s Coming To Me” is about a teenage boy who decides to help a ghost find the cause of his death, but the ghost ends up falling for him. It was aired through i-Want TFC owned and operated by ABS-CBN Corporation.

Thirteen Terrors

“Thirteen Terrors” is an anthology of short horror films. It is based on classic school ghost stories. Every story tells about students who are trying to figure out the truth behind the horror stories in their respective schools.

The Judgement

“The Judgement” tells about a college student who experiences a disturbing incident at a party. As she becomes the target of a scandal and gossip surrounding it, she attempts to change the toxic culture of her school.

Ugly Duckling

“Ugly Duckling” is about a girl who gets a plastic surgery. Then she becomes allergic to surgery chemicals and the procedure ruins her face. Then she meets a guy and makes friends with him despite her looks.

Girl from Nowhere

“Girl From Nowhere” revolves around a clever girl named Nanno. In every episode of the series, she transfers to different schools and devotes to exposing the lies, hypocrisy and wrong doings of the students and the faculty. The Season 2 of the program series was released last May 7.