Youth group calls for Duterte's resignation over 'failed pandemic response'

Published May 10, 2021, 11:15 AM

by Gabriela Baron

Exactly a year before the national elections, a youth group called on President Rodrigo Duterte to step down due to “failed pandemic response.”


The Youth Act Now Against Tyranny (YANAT) hit Duterte’s “continuous incompetence and atrocities,” saying he must be held accountable.

“As first-time voters from the youth, we are most excited and eager to cast our votes and be part of the political exercise of choosing our next leaders. We are campaigning for young people to register so that their voices will be reflected on the ballot,” YANAT said.

“Yet despite our sense of excitement over the chance to vote, we cannot help but feel a sense of despair over what has become of our country under the current administration,” it added.

YANAT lamented that the government’s alleged failed pandemic response led to an economic crisis, human rights catastrophe, and violation of the country’s sovereignty by foreign powers.

Let Leni lead

The youth group also urged the government to let Vice President Robredo take over the urgent tasks of leading the nation amid the pandemic, adding that it will “minimize the threats of fraud and repression expected from the Duterte camp in 2022.”

“As young people who are eager to vote in 2022, we are also aware that one year is too long for this regime to continue plunging the nation from one crisis to another. We cannot just wait for the elections to happen as many are dying and more are expected to die under his failed leadership,” YANAT lamented.

As of April 21, only 1,588,432 first-time voters have registered, still short of the 4-million voters goal set by the Commission on Elections for the end of the registration period on Sept. 30, 2021.

Seven million voter accounts had been deactivated due to non-participation and only 700,000 of these have been recently reactivated.