Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla on pros, cons of being a mother

Published May 10, 2021, 7:46 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and kids

It seems like the Mother’s Day celebration of actress-television host Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is memorable this year.

On Instagram, Mariel shared motherhood is not always glitz and glamour.

In there, she posted a photo of her with her daughters, who were using her face and arm as the canvass of their lipstick painting. And Mariel seemed to be enjoying it.

In fact, she described her current situation as her “best” life.

“Mothering your girls is my dream come true,” she said.

In another post, the wife of action star Robin Padilla also shared the sweet surprise of their eldest child, Isabella, to her on mom’s day.

“Today I received a gift from Isabella. Iba pala yung feeling na binigyan ka ng anak mo,” Mariel said. “She made it herself when she woke up today she told me she had a special surprise for me because it’s mother’s day. When she gave it to me it took all my energy not to drop a tear. She said it is so that I can relax.”

It’s a “Mom’s Sweet Spa Treat” that’s made with sugar and essential oils.

Mariel said that it was Isabella’s tutor who taught her baby girl how to do it.

“So mag re-renew si tutor at i-enroll ko din si Gabriela sa kanya,” she quipped.

But turning serious, she declared, it is the “most precious” thing ever.

“Ang sarap sarap maging nanay kahit most of the time feeling alipin,” she added in jest. “I love it sooooo much!!! Thank you God for my children. Gabriela on the other hand patayan to get a good photo.”

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!!!!! I salute ALL of you. We deserve to be honored!!!”