Imelda Shweighart on BTS performance: ‘It’s like watching Michael Jackson in clones’

Published May 9, 2021, 12:31 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Imelda Shweighart

Former beauty queen Imelda Shweighart recently shared her two cents about the phenomenal South Korean all-male musical group BTS.

According to Imelda, for the first time, she tried to watch the band’s performance after her boyfriend made her do it.

“Okay okay, may pogi, isa nga lang.. hindi gawang gawa ang face, medyo lang. galing mag project, big budget, may talent, pero its not the future. The hype? Can never be in a kpop fan’s shoe to understand the depth of their adoration. It’s like watching Michael Jackson in clones. Is it creepy? The hype is creepy,” she said.

But Imelda noted there clearly is “talent.”

“…but aesthetically pleasing in the face, and skin? Would have they made it without glutathione and rhinoplasty? Is it a mix of lgbtq and real men?” she asked.

Imelda said that she’s planning to make a podcast about it.

“Would love to hear everyone’s input regarding this hype and is it really safe psychologically for the next generation to be brainwashed with? Pop culture definitely has an impact on kids. Let’s talk about this. Tune in!” she teased.

For the past months, K-pop superstars BTS has been making waves in the country.

BTS became the first K-pop act to be nominated for a Grammy and BRIT Awards.

BTS was also introduced as luxury brand Louis Vuitton and fast food chain McDonald’s ambassador.

Recently, they achieved another feat when their music video “Dynamite” reached one billion views on YouTube nearly eight months since it was uploaded online.

It is the singers’ third music video on YouTube to accumulate one billion views.

On the other hand, Imelda was among those who “hate” K-Pop now dominating the entertainment scene around the world.