THRILLMAKER: The 10 Most Stylish Miss Universe 2020 candidates

Published May 8, 2021, 11:18 PM

by Joee Guilas

Excitement is starting to peak for the pageant fanatics in the country. Exactly a week from now, in the morning of May 17 (Philippine time), a new Miss Universe will be named, succeeding Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa, the pageant’s longest reigning queen ever. The daunting task of representing the more than 100 million Filipinos this year rests on the pretty shoulders of Ilongga, Rabiya Mateo.

Over 70 delegates have confirmed participation for the 69th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, presently being held in Florida, USA. The past few days have witnessed the delegates’ arrival in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where they will be billeted until the 10-day pageant’s conclusion.

As expected, Miss Philippines Rabiya Mateo is getting ample support from US-based Pinoys who have made it their tradition to personally cheer and support their representative in all of the pageant’s proceedings. Manila Bulletin Entertainment Section’s trusted stylist, Oli Sara, is among those who flew to the US, just to personally witness the crowning of a new queen. While there, Oli sent us his list of the most stylish delegate, so far, based on his discriminating taste for fashion. Here’s what he wrote, in full:

As I write this article, I am in New York City in transit to Miami, Florida to witness all the fashion and live action! Here’s a rundown of my TOP TEN most fashionable delegates based on their combined social media platforms.

Miss Venezuela Mariangel Arteaga

MARIANGEL VILLASMIL ARTEAGA – This statuesque blonde beauty is undoubtedly here for the kill! Powered with a strong sash factor, this model, writer, baker and entrepreneur has consistently fed fans with the classic Venezuelan beauty queens’ style! The foremost gold standard formula – flawless and classic that is VENEZUELA!

Miss Thailand Amanda Obdam

AMANDA OBDAM – She’s a star! With her country’s impressive record of five semi-final placements over the years, Amanda can possibly be THAILAND’s long awaited third Miss Universe crown! Her fashion took us to the A+ brands and names some of us may only see and read on the pages of Vogue.

Miss Philippines Rabiya Mateo

RABIYA MATEO – She surprised the entire nation by winning the Miss Universe Philippines title coming from humble Iloilo. Soon enough, Rabiya was entrusted to two of the country’s most promising young stylists, Em Milan and Rain Dagala. She blossomed into the empowered lady that she is today. Carrying the heavyweight sash, Rabiya continues to serve an array of strong looks made by the country’s best and most brilliant designers! She is this year’s most followed delegate, afterall, she is PHILIPPINES!

Miss Chile Daniela Nicolas

DANIELA NICOLAS – With a commendable profile, CHILE’s bet is a television actress, host and newscaster! Her fashion choices were a mixture of risque, thigh high, bare back and slit fashion! She has a strong commanding presence that could possibly break her country’s long hiatus of non-placement!

Miss Peru Janick Maceta

JANICK MACETA – She’s one of the strongest Latinas this year! This pageant veteran is the owner of a foundation that provides help for children who are victims of sexual abuse. Gifted with an amazing beauty, PERU’s delegate this year continues to serve the most polished styling and looks proving that she can possibly be their country’s second Miss Universe crown with over 64 years in waiting!

Miss India Adline Castelino

ADLINE CASTELINO – Bringing with her the dreams and aspirations of millions of INDIAns, in the hopes of shedding light and positivity to her ailing nation, this strong and confident speaker is considered one of the strongest candidates this year. She has consistently worn the vibrance and spirit of her amazing culture through her fashion choices.

Miss Romania Bianca Tirsin

BIANCA TIRSIN – Another pageant veteran dominating the social media stratosphere and pageant radars is ROMANIA’s delegate to this year’s pageant! She made headlines with a controversial photoshoot that generated quite a stir and initiated discussions. It is not very often that ROMANIA sends a super beauty like her with impeccable style and character!

Miss Vietnam Nguyen Tran Khanh Van

NGUYEN TRAN KHANH VAN – She is perhaps one of the strongest delegates ever sent by VIETNAM! She exudes a strong confidence with her styling direction and has consistently amazed me and pageant fans with her flawless beauty! She is an ambassador for a very timely and relevant cause which is One Body Village.

Miss Russia Alina Sanko

ALINA SANKO – She made a buzz when she decided to arrive in style in a green wig and matching bodycon dress! RUSSIA’s delegate made the latest controversy involving a video criticizing other fellow candidates that went viral. The beauty queen has since made a public apology. This doll with almost perfect body measurements slips into the most stylish high fashion brands.

Miss Cambodia Sarita Reth

SARITA RETH – Just like in the heyday of pageantry, CAMBODIA’s delegate has a bachelor’s degree in English and Masters Degree in International Relations from the Royal University of Law and Economics! An actress who has appeared in more than ten films, Sarita stands at par with the leading powerhouses having a strong styling team from both her country and the Philippines’ Rian Fernandez.