New music label ‘Narrative Music’ debuts with Mother’s Day song

Published May 8, 2021, 7:50 AM

by Robert Requintina

Music is a language of its own. This is where new record label Narrative Music capitalizes on as it opened its doors for up and coming local talents. “We built this company with the vision of fulfilling dreams, telling stories, and making voices heard through beautiful music,” explained its founder.

Inspired by aspiring musicians, Narrative Music created a platform for fresh talents. The team of young blood admits the company’s limitations but assures the target market that passion and vision are in place. “We do not have much to offer yet but we are set to give you all that we got,” the company owner continued.

This Mother’s Day, Narrative Music is launching its debut song, “Sa’yo, Ina,” in collaboration with hitmaker “Kiko KIKX Salazar.” The new music industry entrant believes this is the perfect way of capturing people’s hearts, by paying tribute to all mothers. “This pandemic hit and shook our core. A lot of lives were claimed. A number of children missed the chance to be beside their mothers during these tough times,” a Narrative Music executive said. “We can’t bring back time but thanking and keeping them in our hearts forever is the next best thing.”

“In one way or another, we experienced pain amid this crisis,” the label’s representative continued. He went on to share that Narrative Music remained true to its goal of soothing the soul. True enough, the gratitude-filled and heartwarming single celebrates a mother’s love. The calming rendition that conveyed a child’s promise and reassurance was delivered by rising singer Janica Reloxe.

Narrative Music dreams of having its brand of music played everywhere, with listeners finding their releases relatable. The team also envisions extending help to more people in the music industry by churning more projects. It is their hope to reach more people and speak right through their hearts.

Lend Narrative Music your eyes and ears by checking out their social media accounts – The Narrative Studios on Facebook and @thenarrativeph on Instagram. The official music video of “Sa’yo, Ina” that will surely tug at your heartstrings will be launched tomorrow, May 9, on The Narrative Studios YouTube channel.