Intal launches ‘Second Quarter’ art exhibit

Published May 8, 2021, 1:20 AM

by Carlo Anolin

Retired PBA star JC Intal launches his second art exhibit ‘Second Quarter.’ (Photos from JC Intal’s Instagram account)

Former PBA player JC Intal has launched his second artwork exhibit for the 2021 Art Fair Philippines this month.

His installation dubbed as the “Second Quarter” includes abstract paintings related to his love for the game of basketball.

Intal has a total of six artworks: Teardrop, Second Place, Buzzer Beater, No. 7, No. 9, and High and Lows. All were made from oil and resin on canvas with sculptural frame.

The exhibit will run from May 6 to 15 at the J Studio HQ in Las Pinas City.

Per the Art Fair Philippines website, both No. 7 and No. 9 measure 58 x 45 inches and priced at P167,000 while the remaining four have dimensions of 45 x 33 inches and cost P97,000.

The three-time PBA All-Star also posted a series of Instagram posts to promote his second gallery.

In one of his posts, Intal, 37, highlighted a contemporary junk art made out of empty paint tubs, some tin cans, used paintbrushes, a paint-poured basketball at the center table, with what seemed to be tags and tickets underneath.

No less than his wife and television personality Bianca Gonzales and brother Rex showed full support to the “Second Quarter” with their respective posts.

Intal, who retired from professional basketball last March, launched his first exhibit “Rookie Mistake” in February last year at the J Studio in Makati City.