QR Code System: Eleazar vows to crush culture of padrino in PNP recruitment system

Published May 7, 2021, 7:08 PM

by Aaron Recuenco 

Newly-installed Philippine National Police chief Lt. Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar vowed on Friday, May 8, to crush the culture of padrino in the recruitment of new cops in the police organization as he assumed the top police post.

The padrino system in the recruitment refers to the use of influential people to enter the PNP.


In his assumption speech, Eleazar admitted that he himself became witness on how deserving police applicants would be eased out of the recruitment in favor of the unqualified applicants whose entry to the PNP is assured because of the endorsement letter or personal favor to some PNP officials from influential people that includes both retired an active police officials, high-ranking government officials and even politicians.

As a result, Eleazar said that those unqualified applicants would eventually become the headache of the PNP organization as some of them would end up being involved in various illegal activities. This reinforced past incidents wherein most of the policemen who would be caught engaged in illegal activities, including the use of illegal drugs, are rookie cops or those with the rank of Police Officer 1 which is now called Patrolman.

“Kaya ngayon pa lang, humihingi na ako ng paumanhin sa gustong makiusap, sa mga retired senior officers, sa aking mga kamag anak at sa aking mga kaibigan. Pasensyahan na po, tatablahin ko kayo! (This early, I ask understanding from retired senior officers, from my friends and even my family. I will not allow it),” said Eleazar in his speech.

What he can assure, according to Eleazar, is that all applicants will be given a fair evaluation for their entry to the PNP.

But how?

Eleazar said that he would introduce the computerized QR Code System wherein the names and photos of the applicants would not appear in the documents that would be evaluated by the PNP recruitment evaluators. The names and photos of the applicants are secured in a computer system that would only be known after final judgment on who would be hired is done.

This means that there would be a compartmentalization in the recruitment process from various groups and offices handling the recruitment process– from the conduct of neuro-psychiataric test, physical examination and other stages of recruitment.

“By using QR Code or Quick Response Code among the applicants. Walang pangalan, walang mukha, (there will be no names, and no photos) only their qualifications would be the basis of their evaluation,” said Eleazar.

Meet Razy Joy

Eleazar said that he first implemented the QR Code system during the recruitment for the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) in 2019 when he was still the Metro Manila police chief.

This led to the entry of poor but deserving young applicants and even some smart applicants.

He cited the case of Razy Joy Alejandrino, who was hired in 2019 with a rank of Patrolwoman.

Alejandrino, he said, came from a poor family who had to work as dishwasher and janitress for months to save money that would be used for his application to the PNP. With her ability and dedication, Eleazar said Alejandrino was hired.

At alam ninyo kung ano ang sinabi niya pagkatapos ng kanyang oath-taking? “Nandito na ako, natupad na ang matagal kong pangarap. Bakit pa ako lilihis ng landas?” (And you know what she said after her oath-taking? I already entered the PNP, my dream to become a policewoman was already fulfilled, why would I engage in illegal activities?),” said Eleazar.

“Just imagine if all policemen have the same mentality, the same love for our organization, the same passion to serve and protect our kababayan (countrymen),” he added.

Effective Supervision

But it does not end there.

Eleazar said that he also have to make sure that those who would be recruited under the QR Code System would not be tempted to commit wrongdoings when they entered the police service.

This is the part, according to him, that the policy of Effective Supervision, would be strictly implemented.

He explained that this means that he would hold the team leaders and police commanders if any of his men would be involved in illegal activities.

“That is why, we need the effective supervision by our unit commanders in all the levels of our organization. I expect every team leader, every chief of police and every unit commander to exercise effective supervision of their men. It is through leadership by example of no take policy that the integrity of all their men, down to the lowest rank, is built and institutionalized,” said Eleazar.

“It is through leadership by example of not tolerating any wrongdoing that compel all of their men to behave and live up to the highest standard of being public servants. And it is through leadership by example of every team leader, every chief of police and every unit commander that we would be able to take back the glory that is being a police officer,” he added.