OMG! Markki Stroem strips naked anew calling for understanding

Published May 7, 2021, 3:33 PM

by Neil Ramos

Actor-singer Markki Stroem continues to enlighten fans one naked photo at a time.

It all started with him posting several nude photos to celebrate his birthday.

In it, he honored nature posing like Adam in the Garden of Eden.

He said of the Biblical character, “Yes, he made mistakes and fell for temptations, but he also found Family, Adventure, Purpose and most of all LOVE.”

“Let us all remember that we are not perfect. This is why it is important for all of us to find beauty in these imperfections. Let us not cast a stone until we know the full story. Listen to your HEART, for it will guide you to your Destiny. Love yourself first!”

In any case, he just recently posted another photo of him in the buff.

And with it another lesson.

And it’s all about fluidity.

Markki is channeling Zeus in the photo.


Well, let him tell you himself.

He wrote, “The Gods respected Zeus even if he had his erotic escapades. He was probably considered ‘Polyamorous’ because he had multiple partners & who are we to judge him? He was still able to create some of the most important offspring! Some were even considered part of ‘the 12 Olympians!’

He went on, “We live in a world where sometimes people look down at relationships that are “unconventional” as taboo. This is what forces people to keep quiet about who THEY love, forcing them to keep their LOVE hidden. Whether you be a CIS gender heterosexual couple, or a loving transman and his non-binary partner. Maybe a throuple or a loving lesbian couple. It all comes down to UNDERSTANDING!

“In the end of the day, everyone deserves to live their lives with joy and contentment. Let us not cast a stone if we do not understand others. It will only lead to misunderstanding and a lot of toxicity. It all boils down to RESPECT.”

Note that Markki’s sexual orientation has been questioned by fans and for years now.

Adding fuel to the fire is a leaked photo of him sharing a bed with a man that looks like actor-entrepreneur Marvin Agustin.