Wil Dasovich on the importance of health

Published May 6, 2021, 3:33 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Cancer survivor Wil Dasovich recently talked about the importance of being healthy, particularly during a health crisis.

He believes health is essential specially in a country like ours if we want to “progress” and “prosper.”

 “You can’t perform if you’re not fit, you can’t lead if you’re sick, and you can’t enjoy your happy life with your loved ones if you are sick,” he related.

Wil noted people should always try to reach their full potential.

“The only way you’re gonna get there, and really hit your goals is if you are 100% healthy,” he reiterated. 

He thinks a lot of people don’t really understand how important it is to strengthen their immune system until something happens to them.

“That’s the common similarity when I talked to other survivors of other ailments and everything. We all have this huge revelation of how important our health is, once we’re faced with something that’s horrible,” he shared. “And the goal here is to kind of really make people understand how vital this all is without them having to go through it.”

The online content creator then explained it was the reason why he decided to vlog about his experiences.

“Up until now what I’m promoting today, you know, it would be easy to just have happy-go-lucky vlogs which are most of the time what my content is about. As I’d say, it’s pretty common, you know. I have a very happy lifestyle that goes along with it. But again, I’m not shy to also share kind of the darker times and the things I struggle with because you have to remain genuine. And you have to show people that, ‘Hey, this is me. I’m a real person. I’m dealing with certain issues but I can overcome them and so can you.'”

Wil continued: “So it’s important to protect your immune system on a daily basis. And in our given day and age, you know, it’s even more important now, because of the whole COVID-19 pandemic.”

He suggested that senior citizens, people with comorbidities like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, should prioritize their health and take the steps needed to strengthen their immune system.

“Because they’re at more of a risk to get infected and acquire illnesses and diseases,” the Fil-Am vlogger said. 

Recall that in 2017 when the 29-year-old star was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. 

He didn’t hide his illness from his growing number of followers and saw it as an opportunity to be a positive example and help others who could be going through something similar.

Then, and up until now, he’s still advocating for health and wellness through his platform and teaching how to build up the immune system through good nutrition and practical lifestyle changes.

Which is the same reason why Organique Inc. picked Wil as their ambassador to their latest campaign “#ImmunoStrongPH,” an effort to create a stronger community by promoting stronger immunity.

Aside from him, also present to discuss the important relationship between immunity and lasting health were Organique, Inc. CEO and President Catherine Salimbangon; DOH Director IV of the Health Promotion Bureau Dr. Beverly Lorraine Ho; and featured COVID-19 survivor Lawrence Lee and hypertension survivor Marielle Vergara.

The “#ImmunoStrongPH” national awareness campaign was designed to generate awareness on the multitude of ways that Filipinos can protect themselves and their communities by strengthening their immune system. 

The #ImmunoStrongPH campaign also pays tribute to the country’s medical frontliners and community health workers for their dedication and hard work in protecting the Filipino people from illnesses.

Immunostrong PH: Protecting the Community Through Immunity

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Posted by ORGANIQUE on Monday, May 3, 2021