Mayweather: Pacquiao is the best fighter I ever fought

Published May 6, 2021, 4:19 PM

by Carlo Anolin

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (left) bares that Manny Pacquiao was the best boxer he ever faced in his unbeaten career. (Top Rank)

Retired boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr. bared that Manny Pacquiao was the best boxer he ever faced in more than two decades of his flawless career.

Out of the 50 unbeaten bouts since 1996, Mayweather said Pacquiao, the only eight-division world boxing champion, had stood out the most when they met in May 2015.

“The best fighter I’ve ever fought probably was Manny Pacquiao. It’s because of his movement. He’s a hell of a fighter,” said Mayweather in his guesting at The Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

“And I can see why he won so many fights, and I can see why he’s going down as a Hall of Famer.  It’s just certain moves he makes.”

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The last time Mayweather knocked out an opponent was in September 2011 against Victor Ortiz. Since then, seven of his latter matches came from either majority or unanimous decisions.

Mayweather scored a unanimous decision win against Pacquiao in the blockbuster match dubbed as the “Fight of the Century.”

Fast forward to August 2017, the unbeaten five-time world boxing champion stunned UFC Irish star Conor McGregor in the boxing ring for his last fight before his inactivity.

Mayweather also cited Emmanuel Augustus as the “roughest fighter” he fought while Miguel Cotto was “very, very physically strong.”

Mayweather, 44, is coming out of retirement to face Youtube personality Logan Paul, 26, in an exhibition bout at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 6.

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