Manila Bulletin holds Q&A with K-pop girl group TRI.BE

Published May 6, 2021, 12:39 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

TRI.BE in a concept photo for their upcoming album ‘Conmigo’ (Twitter) 

Seven-member rookie K-pop girl group TRI.BE debuted last Feb. 17 with the single album “TRI.BE Da Loca” featuring the songs “Loca” and “Doom Doom Ta” under TR Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

On May 18, they will release their second single album “Conmigo” containing the tracks “Rub-A-Dum” and “Loro.”

Manila Bulletin had a question-and-answer (Q&A) with TRI.BE where the members discussed their debut, first album, role models, goals this year and Filipino fans.

For many K-pop trainees, to be selected to debut in a group is a dream come true. When asked how they felt when they debuted, TRI.BE members gave different answers.

“I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited!” said SongSun while Kelly said, “It’s like a dream! Sometimes I still can’t believe that we’ve finally debuted!”

According to Jinha, “I’m happy and emotional that we’ve finally debuted, which is something we’ve all been waiting and waiting for!”

“I was quite overwhelmed but also happy when we debuted. It was a mixture of feelings!” said Hyunbin.

Jia said that “it was a moment that I’ve always been looking forward to. I’m grateful to everybody who has helped TRI.BE debut and we’ll try our best to show you various concepts as well as more of TRI.BE’s unique charms! Please keep loving us. We love you too!”

For Soeun, she said, “Honestly I was super nervous and I couldn’t really believe it until we stood on our debut stage. I could barely sleep!”

“It was really exciting when the existence of TRI.BE was finally revealed to the public. This made me want to do even better!” said Mire.

When asked what makes TRI.BE unique compared to other K-pop groups, Songsun said, “The fact that we are still young but our performances are very powerful!”

“Definitely our powerful and synchronized performances!” beamed Kelly while Jinha said, “Our spirit! We are always ready for challenges!”

In TRI.BE, Hyunbin said, “We like showing who we truly are without restricting ourselves to certain standards.”

For Jia, “I think our powerful performances, catchy songs, seven members and seven colors, and the duality of when we are on and off stage make us unique and special!”

“Each of our members are unique in their own way and I think this variety makes TRI.BE unique. We have different personalities but get along very well!” said Soeun while Mire said, “Powerful performances and catchy music!”

What is TRI.BE’s image and the group concept of “girl swag”?

“I think it’s about being both charismatic and happy. Positive vibes only!” said Songsun while Kelly commented, “Perfect as we are!”

“It’s similar to girl’s hip hop but also gives a more confident feeling. TRI.BE has the message ‘We are perfect as we are!’” said Jinha.

According to Hyunbin, “‘Girl swag’ is TRI.BE’s very own concept. TRI.BE is like a fearless newborn puppy!”

Jia said it’s about “confidence and duality on/off stage!” and Soeun explained, “TRI.BE’s concept of ‘girl swag’ aims to give a very positive vibe; it represents TRI.BE’s image of ‘perfect existences!’”

“It expresses TRI.BE’s powerful and confident style. ‘Girl swag’ is not just our concept but also TRI.BE’s image!” said Mire.

For TRI.BE members, they dream of winning the Rookie of the Year award this year and winning first place on TV music shows.

“For this year, receiving the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award and getting 1st place on music stages!” said Songsun and Kelly added, “I’d love to get the “Rookie of the Year” award!”

For Jinha, it’s “letting more people know about TRI.BE, receiving the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award and getting first place on music shows!”

“Making more people happy and receiving the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award!” said Hyunbin while Jia echoed, “Getting the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award! And also, I’d love to go on a world tour if possible.”

Soeun agreed, saying, “Same for me: Getting first place on music shows and receiving the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award!”

For Mire, it’s about “getting 10 million views on one of our music videos!! Also, receiving the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award.”

Among K-pop groups, TRI.BE said they idolize BLACKPINK.

“Definitely BLACKPINK! There’s a lot of things to learn from them and their performances and songs are super cool. All of our members have always looked up to them and we enjoy watching their performance videos when we have time. Their charisma on stage is really something else!” said TRI.BE.

The members also gave messages to their fans in the Philippines, saying they would love to meet them.

“We will always be there for you and we hope to see you soon! Please love TRI.BE!” said Songsun.

Kelly said, “Hi! Fans from the Philippines! Thank you for your love and support!” while Jinha said, “Thank you so much for supporting us from afar! We’ll always try our best to become a better TRI.BE. Love you!”

“Thank you so much for your love and support! We’ll become an ever-improving group so please look forward to our journey!” said Hyunbin.

According to Jia, “Thank you for always supporting us and cheering us on for what we do! We’ll try even harder to show you better performances and I hope we can get to see you soon!”

“Hi fans in the Philippines! I’m sad we can’t go to meet you yet but thank you so much for cheering us on! Love you,” said Soeun.

Mire said, “Thank you for the huge amount of love you are sending us, even from a far distance. Please stay with us so we can show you more of what we have prepared! I hope to see you soon and love you!”