LVPI hopes to get $80,000 refund from FIVB

Published May 6, 2021, 1:46 PM

by Kristel Satumbaga-Villar

Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas Inc. (LVPI) President Joey Romasanta reiterated their demand to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) to refund the $80,000 the association incurred relative to the conditions set in exchange for their full recognition to the sport’s world governing body a few years ago.

In a letter addressed to FIVB President Dr. Ary Graca dated May 4, Romasanta said he is following up their previous letters including the most recent last January requesting the same thing.

“The LVPI was able to comply and honor its obligation commensurate to a perfected contract in which we deemed proper to rectify the injustice done to LVPI by FIVB. The non-refund of FIVB… will further add to the unfairness we suffered in supporting the programs in upgrading Philippines volleyball as well as AVC and FIVB events,” Romasanta wrote.

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, Romasanta said he is not interfering with the newly formed Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF), but rather seeking dues on what is owed to them when they were serving Philippine volleyball since 2015.

“In the interest of fairness and justice, isoli naman nila sa amin yun. Unfair naman na ginawa na natin magagawa natin to revive Philippine volleyball pagkatapos ganun na lang,” Romasanta said.

“Wala naman akong balak bumalik sa pwesto. I seek nothing but the refund.”

The FIVB has given provisional recognition to LVPI since 2015 after complying with their conditions and requirements that include payments amounting to $80,000 incurred by its predecessor, the Philippine Volleyball Federation.

LVPI, which was also then recognized by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), has also staged several FIVB-sanctioned tournaments including the 2015 Asian Women’s U23 Volleyball Championship as part of compliance.

PNVF Board Member Ricky Palou, who was then secretary general of LVPI, clarified the LVPI was only given temporary recognition during that time since their case was not elevated to the FIVB General Assembly.

Only the General Assembly could grant an association full recognition.

Palou also added Romasanta and the LVPI have no claim in requesting for the refund since the FIVB gave them the avenue to earn in order to pay the loan through hosting FIVB-sanctioned tournaments.

“I don’t think they have the right to demand that,” Palou said.

PNVF President Tats Suzara, meanwhile, added they couldn’t help with the LVPI’s request since “we are a new federation and we have nothing to do with that.”

The PNVF was formed with the election of its officials last January and was granted official recognition from the FIVB in February.

Meanwhile, Romasanta said he has previously reached out to POC through its secretary general Ed Gastanes to help them with the matter.