GMA News and Public Affairs launches ‘PPE: Pinoy Pandemic Essentials’

Published May 6, 2021, 3:31 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

GMA News and Public Affairs gives practical answers to common yet important questions on COVID-19 via a series of public service vignettes dubbed “PPE: Pinoy Pandemic Essentials.”

More than a year into the pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus, the Philippines is still facing a tough battle against COVID-19. Just recently, the country reached over 1 million confirmed cases and with this disturbing increase, some Filipinos are still grappling with what to do should they contract the virus and why getting vaccinated is essential.

“PPE: Pinoy Pandemic Essentials” tries to address some of the most basic yet still crucial topics on the coronavirus. Lending his voice in the narrative is award-winning news and public affairs personality Atom Araullo. Each vignette will be aired on GTV and will be available as well on GMA News and Public Affairs’ online platforms.

The campaign is divided into six topics that provide practical tips to follow for different COVID-related scenarios. In “May COVID Ba Ako?”, tell-tale signs and symptoms of the virus are provided, with a reminder that mild symptoms are still possible signs. It further encourages people to immediately isolate and get tested upon experiencing symptoms, especially during a surge in cases.

Meanwhile, “Close Contact Ba Ako?” gives sample scenarios of a close contact situation. When is one considered a close contact and what are the steps to take once an individual has been identified as such?

“Saan Puwedeng Magpa-Swab?” answers the common inquiry on what to do and where to go when one wants to get a swab test. It also provides various avenues where one can be tested either for free or for a fee.

What if a person gets a negative—then a positive—result within days? “Negative Ba Ako o Positive?” addresses this concern. It explains the concept of the “incubation period” and the importance of knowing this.

One of the most pressing concerns of Filipinos today is the safety of getting the COVID vaccine. In “Dapat Ba Akong Magpabakuna?”, the principle behind vaccines is explained. What is a vaccine? How does it work? What are the possible side effects? What should one do after getting the jab?

And finally, “Tayo-Tayo Lang Naman, Diba?” explains the concept of bubbles. Why is it still important to practice social distancing even inside the household? What happens when different household “bubbles” interact?

Information saves lives. “PPE: Pinoy Pandemic Essentials” aims to equip the public with the right information and help in curbing the cases of COVID-19.