WATCH: How to recreate Kim Kardashian's vegan tacos

Published May 5, 2021, 5:41 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’s a healthy addition to your Cinco de Mayo feast

Kim Kardashian and her vegan tacos

One of the greatest gastronomical gifts the world has ever created is Mexican cuisine. Spiced and truly comforting, Mexican dishes never fail to capture the essence of a celebration, and one of the all-time favorite Mexican foods are tacos. Hand-held, customizable, and flavorful, tacos are the perfect party treat. And if you’re looking for a taco recipe for Cinco de Mayo, then you’re in luck as Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian West shares her recipe, and gives it a vegan twist, too.

Going on a plant-based lifestyle took a while for Kim. “I watched a documentary on it. I didn’t eat [plant-based] religiously, only when I was at home. I just met chefs that love to cook plant-based and were teaching me so much about sea moss and all these amazing foods that have really good health benefits,” she tells Poosh Wellness. I’m plant-based when I’m at home, but not plant-based when I go to restaurants. I can’t control myself. Then, I stopped. I got over it. A year later, I got reintroduced to it. I tried something that was really good and was plant-based.”

For her taco recipe, she opted for plant-based meat as a substitute for ground beef and tortillas that are “gluten-free but are taste-free.” She finishes it with veggies and vegan cheese, and by the looks of it, you can never tell the difference.

See how she does it here: