Now every family can eat healthier with Woolworths

Published May 5, 2021, 9:00 AM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

The Australian food brand is already available in the Philippines

Now more than ever, serving healthy food for the whole family is vital. But due to limited movement brought by the community quarantine, buying healthy and fresh food selections is a challenge every mom is faces. 

The good thing is, the Robinsons Supermarket, is bringing in Woolworths products as part of their grocery selections. Woolworths is Australia’s number one food retailer known for their highly quality food products. 

With hundreds of food items available, there’s a lot for every member of the family. For kids, there’s yummy rainbow cereal, certified organic pear, pea, potato and spinach snack, and the smiling tums that come in different fruit flavors. 

“We have a baby food range from smiling tums and there’s a whole range of different flavors for babies,” Brian Newton, Woolworths international sales head tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle during the company’s launch event. “It’s quite an innovative product there’s no any added sugar at all in there.” 

For ate and kuya, there’s chocolate brownie, popcorn, and the king of chunky chocolate cookies. And for mom and dad, who could resist pancake shaker, lactose free ice cream, and puff pastry sheets?

Brian also recommended Australian fruit juice and ice cream. “We have little pop poppers juices the Tetra popper. It’s good, 100 percent Australian fruit juice, they’re really popular for kids too. And don’t forget to try the ice cream,” says. 

Woolworths’s products will be initially available in 35 stores of three supermarket brands namely Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, and The Market Place. Those products are also available online via platform.