Marvel compilation video, showcase past highlights, upcoming films and founder Stan Lee

Published May 5, 2021, 11:03 AM

by Punch Liwanag

Marvel Cinematic Universe sure knows how to build excitement.

The film company, known for instant classic superhero movies such as The Avengers, Guardians of The Galaxy, and Iron Man among others is building up anticipation for their upcoming projects with the simple release of a compilation video.

Said video was released on YouTube last May 3, 2021 and featured a short montage of several highlights from past Marvel films that include Guardians of the Galaxy, Antman and most notably, The Avengers. One such scene includes footage from inside an actual cinema that recorded the reaction of moviegoers as they cheered on the pivotal scenes of Captain America finally taking command of Thor’s enchanted Uru hammer Mjolnir and the only moment Cap said the iconic battlecry: “Avengers Assemble!”

Right after that, a quick montage of upcoming Marvel films built on the excitement. Starting with the Black Widow standalone movie, the superhero martial arts Shang Chi (“The Legend of the Ten Rings”), the Chloe Zhao-directed film “Eternals” that featured a shot of a sword-wielding Angelina Jolie, new sequels for Doctor Strange (“in the Multiverse of Madness”), Black Panther (titled “Wakanda Forever”), Captain Marvel (titled “The Marvels”), Thor (“Love and Thunder”), Antman and the Wasp (“Quantumania”), Guardian Of The Galaxy (“Volume 3”), a new Spiderman movie (“No Way Home”) and the much awaited reboot of “The Fantastic Four.”

Based on release dates superimposed on said video, there will be a new Marvel feature film every few months in the next two years. The first to arrive will be the stand alone “Black Widow” movie that is set for July 2021.

Besides pre-promoting the upcoming films, the video was building up on the prospect of re-opening cinemas now that a growing part of America, and the world is getting vaccinated.

The video was accompanied by a voice-over of the late great comic book writer, creator and founder of Marvel Comics Stan Lee who was heard saying, “We are all a part of one universe that moves ever upward and onward to greater glory!”