Filipino trans woman to represent Japan at Miss Trans Global 2021 pageant

Published May 5, 2021, 7:48 PM

by Robert Requintina

Adrian Enriquez, also known as Bianca Sumi (Instagram photos)

A Filipino trans woman will represent Japan at the Miss Trans Global 2021 beauty pageant which will be held sometime in June.

Adrian Enriquez, also known as Bianca Sumi, is a Filipina trans woman who is an aspiring fashion designer, a performer, and a supporter of transgender parenting.

Enriquez said would like to extend awareness that anyone can raise a child regardless of gender identity.

“Raising my own (biological) 11-year-old daughter is eye-opening and life-changing. We experienced lots of judgment, bullying, and inequality in our everyday lives. I have to be strong for her. I have to fight in a way that I will not harm anyone. How? By raising awareness about the mistreatment and hate about transgender parenting. Miss Trans Global is a great organization that creates a platform for transgender like us. Miss Trans Global 2021 is a pageant catering to transgender, who would like to be heard and seen. It helps us spread diversity, inclusion, and empowerment in every transgender lifestyle.”

All the negative actions and comments from people became her inspiration to push her advocacy, she said.

“These people are misinformed about transgender and transgender parenting. We all have to be aware that we are also human beings and parents trying to raise a loving and beautiful child. A child who is free to walk
outside without anyone judging her. A child who sees the world without prejudice. I believe all parents are trying to do what’s best for their child. Aren’t we?”

Bianca has been living in Japan, for the past 11 years, with her daughter. “I would like to thank my mom for pushing me to stay here (in Japan). If not for that push, I wouldn’t have had my wonderful daughter.”

She is very thankful to her friends and family for all the help and support she receives ever since. “They are the best people in my life who are making my everyday life bearable. I love them all.”

Miss Trans Global is an international online pageant for trans and gender-nonconforming people from all backgrounds, which was started to raise awareness on transgender and LGB issues around the world.

The reigning Miss Trans Global is Mela Habijan from the Philippines.

She is a writer by profession, she served as a writer for the Philippines’ largest media conglomerate, ABS-CBN. She also contributed articles to other media entities. She also serves as a mentor to Campus Journalists of CALABARZON on Feature Writing.