Alessandra de Rossi on people belittling unmarried, childless women

Published May 4, 2021, 4:01 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Alessandra de Rossi is frustrated with people who look down on unmarried women.

She feels the same about people belittling childless women.

She posted on social media her opinion about it.

The actress tweeted, “BV (bad vibes) na minsan when people make you feel you’re less of a woman, (because) you’re not married or you don’t have kids (yet) or a ring on your finger. Para bang.. Pwede bang ito yung path namin?!”

it is not clear what triggered Alessandra.

Single by choice at 36, she made clear she’s not being bitter.

In fact, she could only be happy for women having babies or getting married.

“I’m sure it is the happiest place to be, ” she quipped. “Kanya kanyang trip lang yan…”

But she added, “Stop feeling like you’ve made it because you’re there na and I’m not…. And I seriously do not care…”

She went on, “Whatever God gives me, I take it. Because I never asked for anything but my family’s safety. I never prayed for a man or a career.”