2 bomb traders nabbed in Sulu entrapment

Published May 3, 2021, 5:40 PM

by Liza Abubakar-Jocson

JOLO, Sulu – A tip by an anonymous resident during an Armed Forces-sponsored community support program led to the arrest of two suspected bomb component traders in a buy-bust operation here last Sunday.

A report from the 11th Infantry Division identified the suspects as Akkang Suraili Omaron and Mardan Dammang Jamasali, both residents here.

Seized from them were ammunition, blasting caps, time fuse cord, a kilogram of ammonium nitrate, an 81 mm mortar shell, materials for shrapnel, and wire switches.

They were arrested based from a tip sent by a concerned citizen to the 15th Civil Military Operations Battalion during a community support program in Barangay San Raymundo.

The suspects were identified as the suppliers of explosive components used during the Aug. 24, 2020 twin explosions in Jolo.

“The capture of the suppliers is a significant development as the components they trade are really devastating if assembled as a bomb,” said Major Gen. William Gonzales, Joint Task Force Sulu commander.