In constant pivot

Published May 1, 2021, 12:59 AM

by Alex M. Eduque


Alex Eduque
Alex Eduque

This past year seems to have been a constant (and still ongoing) battle with uncertainty and uncertain times. We, or at least I, have somehow become accustomed to plans not pushing through, and therefore, to manage disappointment and expectations, have come around to accepting that with every plan made these days, comes the possibility of postponement, cancellation, or at the very least compromising to fit the situation. We need to be flexible, and have become pre-programmed this past year whether we like it or not, to roll with the punches. Resistance, we must have all come to realize by now, brings us nowhere.

A lot of us have had to re-purpose. What was once merely a millennial term in my mind for quite simply recycling or re-fixing, has come to mean so much more. It is quite surreal to think that while this pandemic has brought about so much change, and has, to an extent, halted life as we once knew it, life still has gone on – albeit in a different manner, and at a different pace. In the midst of it all, a lot have found themselves losing jobs and being retrenched. Others have given birth, and have found themselves raising children in the confines of four walls. Some of us have started a new life – celebrated milestones regardless, and chosen to start new chapters amidst the tumultuous time of uncertainty.

Whatever the case may be, we, humanity, have had to re-purpose ourselves, and our lives – in different degrees – in one way, or another, in order to journey, and carry on. What we may have once conceived to be our purpose might be totally different now. But we choose to be grateful nonetheless, and celebrate the small blessings of everyday because it brings us the most fulfillment.

Perhaps, to live a purposeful life these days is much more challenging, especially for those who equate purpose to success, and then choose to measure success financially and monetarily. A lot of sectors have had to pivot in order to grow amidst adversity, or at the very least, stay afloat.

And with that pivot in everyday action should come a pivot in what a purposeful life should give, and mean to us. While there will never be one true definition, I will always believe that as long as your purpose gives you, and your life meaning – one that brings about contentment, gratefulness, and yields happiness – then you are living a purposeful life. If you are able to progress, even in turtle pace, without having to bring others down in the process, then you are on the right track. At the end of the day, your life is yours to live. You are to define its purpose, and you are also to respect the meaningfulness others choose to live, and abide by.

In pivoting, we have also found that the key to success is adjustment, and the acceptance of change. Ultimately, that leads us to becoming resilient which is a trait I have come to admire more because of this pandemic, and wish to emulate.

Strength is not always about being able to pick up when your world has seemingly crumbled, and turned into shambles. Sometimes, it is about being able to stay standing, and take the kicks in the gut even when the easier thing to do is walk away, or take a break.

Pivot. I have always loved that word. Whether it refers to turning in dance, or the central point at which everything else turns about or revolves from, it is a true reminder always that the only constant in this world is change, and more importantly, as you complete that turn, that life is truly full circle.