Earth Day essentials and wishes

Published April 28, 2021, 10:12 PM

by John Tria

A belated Happy Earth Day to all of you. As I sip my cup of locally grown coffee I will start with this greeting to inspire all of us to continue to strive for a better earth, which is essentially, a stronger future. 

In a previous column i noted just how our climate has been changing and the call to ensure our adaptation to these changes especially in our agriculture and agribusiness

Strong economies will in part be built on stable and healthy ecosystems as pushed by both the DENR and the Climate Change Commission. Pollution is an aberration that weakens the ecosystems ability to support life, such as local food supply particularly for the vulnerable sectors, many of whom depend on nearby local resources for food and livelihood.

This is why technology will need to be engaged and behaviors will need to change, particularly in the way we manage our household waste, and pollution laws such as the Clean Air Act of 1999, the Clean Water Act of 2001, the Solid Waste Management Act and the Toxic Substances and Nuclear waste control act or RA 6969.
These 4 laws, in my opinion, are comprehensive in their approach to ensuring the health of our ecosystems, not merely putting forward a list of prohibited acts. Learn more about these laws and their respective Implementing Rules and Regulations at
We all need to obtain an attitude of stewardship over the resources we utilize, to ensure that we will continue using them in the next generation.

Build Build Build !
Fellow columnist Ana Mae Lamentillos column is a very informative listing of the various build build build projects in northern Mindanao. (
These infrastructure projects, which include vital bypass roads will definitely boost economic activity in this important corridor between the Caraga and northern Mindanao regions where many large manufacturing facilities are located to serve the visayas and Mindanao markets. This also improves access of the BARMM economy.
With infrastructure comes stronger connectivity between the Visayas and  Mindanao’s economic hubs, strengthening and expanding opportunities especially for many investors and Mindanaoans who want to come home to the island. This will be vital in the post pandemic scenario.
Kudos to the chip developers from Iligan
Recent news of the development of a locally made power saving microchip in the Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology is inspiring news. This is supported by the Department of Science and Technology’s PCIEERD. I believe our manufacturers should take notice of such developments as we pursue innovations under the Innovation Act.
How are your bastoneros? 
One of the things government is pushing is to appoint COVID 19 “bastoneros” that will help ensure compliance with COVID 19 protocols in the workplace. I suggest these be maintained even in the post pandemic scenario to encourage employees to adopt healthy lifestyles and strengthen immunity from disease not only for themselves and their families.
Congrats Sec Chua
I would like to congratulate new NEDA Secretary Karl Kendrick Chua. His knowledge of the Mindanao economy has been honed through the years due to comprehensive research endeavors he led in the past particularly the Mindanao jobs report. 
As I wrote previously, I agree that the National ID system being pushed by the NEDA is a key reform that will allow more families not only to access government services but also improve our bank savings rate.
As I continue to sip my coffee, the need to ensure our immunity and health as we recover is clear. Stay safe everyone!