Kim Chiu's designer boots are swoon-worthy

Published April 27, 2021, 2:44 PM

by John Legaspi

From Gucci to Louboutin, she has some great pairs

Kim Chiu (Stills from Youtube)

Creating beautiful movements with their feet, dancers invest so much on their footwear, to a point that the shoes became an extension of who they are as an artist. Pointe shoes look delicate and graceful but are also a symbol of a ballerina’s discipline. Street dancers pop and lock with their trusty Chuck Taylors or Vans sneakers made even more artsy with hand paintings. For actress Kim Chiu, it is with boots that she feels confident stepping on the dance floor.

In her latest vlog, the “Chinita Princess” presents her collection of boots, from ankle length to the ones that hit the thighs. Yes, like the kind of boots Julia Roberts wore on “Pretty Woman.” These boots aren’t just for OOTDs, many of them she wore for production numbers in Sunday variety show ASAP and her concerts.

A fruit of her years of working in show business, Kim’s collection also boasts a number of designers boots that are, without a doubt, her treasured pieces. One of them is a pair of Gucci GG Monogram over the knee boots which cost $1,210. To celebrate her 10-year anniversary in the industry, she donned sparkling Louise Sequin thigh high boots by Christian Louboutin in a concert, those red soles are unmistakable. Her Puma x Fenty boots by Rihanna became a fan favorite as he wore the pair most of the time.

Check out more of Kim’s boots collections and her P500 finds online here: