Dacera family not giving up despite dismissal of charges

Published April 27, 2021, 2:09 PM

by Jeffrey Damicog

The family of the late flight attendant Christine Angelica F. Dacera has not lost its hope that justice would be served despite the dismissal of the rape with homicide charges filed against 11 men in connection with her death.


“There are many options on our part. The Dacera family can go to the Department of Justice to appeal this dismissal or we can refile this case,” Brick Reyes, lawyer of the Dacera family, said on Tuesday, April 27.

“We are not going to say amen to this dismissal because we are looking for truth and justice not only for Christine Dacera,” Reyes stressed.

In a 19-page resolution dated April 23, Assistant City Prosecutor Joan G. Bolina-Santillan said “this office finds that the evidence presented are insufficient to engender a well-founded belief that rape, homicide, or rape with homicide has been committed.”

The resolution dismissed “for lack of probable cause” the complaint filed by the flight attendant’s mother, Sharon Rose F. Dacera, against John Pascual Dela Serna III, Rommel Galido, John Paul Halili, Gregorio Angelo Rafael De Guzman, Jezreel Rapinan, Alain Chen, Mark Anthony Rosales, Reymar Englis, Louie Delima, Jamyr Orris Cunanan, and Eduardo Pangilinan III.

Dacera was found unconscious last Jan. 1 in the bath tub of Room 2209 of City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City where she and her friends celebrated the arrival of the new year.

She was rushed to the Makati Medical Center (MMC) but was declared dead on arrival.

The prosecutor cited that the death certificate and the medico-legal report dated Jan. 3 “both indicate ‘ruptured aortic aneurysm’ as the cause of death.”

Though the same medico-legal report showed that Christine’s genital area has “deep healed lacerations,” the prosecutor pointed out that it is “insufficient to prove that penile penetration or carnal knowledge was committed immediately prior to the examination.”

The prosecutor noted that “semen was found from two of the beddings in Room 2209.”

“It failed to controvert the results of the vaginal swabbing and DNA analysis of the deceased’s underwear both showing that ‘no mixed DNA was observed,’” Santillan said.

Also, she said there were also no indications that the beddings were used by Christine.

At the same time, she said there is also no proof that Christine took party drugs.

The prosecutor said the specimens found in the room that underwent chemistry analysis do not “provide us with a conclusive presumption that indeed the deceased or any other of the respondents used flouromethamphetamine and methamphetamine or that the deceased’s drink was spiked, as suggested by her mother.”