B-DAY BLOWOUT: KC Concepcion is giving away bikes

Published April 27, 2021, 5:34 PM

by Neil Ramos

KC Concepcion is celebrating her birth month in a special way.

No, she is not joining the community pantry craze.

That has been done already.

Taking to social media, the Megadaughter announced she is giving away bikes.

Not one, not two, not three, but six bikes!

Talk about “limited edition.”

Well, they’re not just your regular bikes. These are from KC.

But why is KC giving these babies away?

She said, “For my birthday, I decided I would continue to do my part in helping out fellow Filipinos in these trying items, in all the ways I can…”

KC added, “In life I’ve learned, more often than not… GIVING is CARING…” 

No, don’t rush out there yet Pedro.

She is not giving it away willy-nilly.

If you want one you have to share an inspiring story on how having a bike will help you in work or school.

If the powers that be liked your story, it is only then that you get one.

Well, do you feel lucky, punk?