Smart Omega comes back from claws of defeat for stunning sweep over Work Auster Force

Photo from Smart Omega 

Coming through with comeback after comeback, Smart Omega pulled off a 2-0 stunner over Work Auster Force to seize a streak anew in the MPL Philippines Season 7 on Sunday night, April 25. 

Omega was on the verge of losing Game 2 after Work wiped them out at the bottom lane in the 13th minute behind Daniel "Chuuu" Chu's Hayabusa then headed straight for the Base. 

But Jeniel "Haze" Bata-anon on his Mathilda held the line for the Season 6 runner-up and bought time for his teammates to respawn. 

Haze and company retaliated with a team wipe of their own and immediately marched down the middle lane before Adrian "Toshi" Bacallo's Harith equipped with Malefic Roar led Omega's siege for a jaw-dropping 15-minute comeback win. 

Earlier in Game 1, Omega overcame a lethargic start and was already primed to take the triumph following a successful team fight that translated into a Luminous Lord take in the 13th minute. 

However, Work showed signs of life as it deleted Omega one by one a few moments later. 

After a 2-for-2 exchange at the river, Salic "Hadjizy" Imam on his Granger handed Omega a 3-versus-1 advantage as he gunned down Clarense "Kousei" Camilo's Alice and Chuuu's Harley to wrap up the 19-15 victory in 19 minutes. 

Coach Tony "Ynot" Senedrin's team scored its second straight sweep following its destruction of Execration to solidify its grip of No. 2 in Group B with 14 points on a 4-4 series record. 

On the other hand, the boys of mentor Laurence "Lift" Ruiz saw their two-win streak stop although they stayed atop Group A with 16 markers on a 5-4 slate.