Liza Soberano defends self over ‘no apology’ remark

Published April 25, 2021, 10:35 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Young actress Liza Soberano has defended herself from critics following mixed reactions when she made a remark that Angel Locsin does not need to apologize after a senior citizen died during the community pantry she organized.

On Twitter, Soberano said that people “misunderstood” her reaction.

“I meant don’t say sorry to the people demanding a sorry from her that have nothing to do with the situation. Of course, it’s only right and natural for Ate Angel to be sorry about the life that was lost,” she said.

“It’s just unfair to me that her intentions were twisted, and she’s being blamed for the death that she never intended to happen. Sorry if the family affected by this for offended by my comment, but this was not for you but the people blaming her,” she added.

Liza told Angel that she doesn’t need to say sorry as “hindi mo naman ginusto ang mga nangyari.”

“We will be praying for tatay’s soul, for his family who is mourning, and for your good health and peace of mind,” she continued.

Angel celebrated her 36th birth anniversary by putting up a community pantry in Quezon City.