EXCLUSIVE: Jack Newsome wants new song to serve as a 'hug' to fans amid pandemic

Singing cutie Jack Newsome has recently released a new track. 

In an exclusive interview with Bulletin Entertainment, he shared that it is his effort to reach out to fans amid the pandemic.

He then shared how the health crisis affected his artistry.

"The pandemic inspired me to write a lot of the new song. I think the pandemic was a terrible thing. It isn't a good thing. But I think we all had to grow a lot. And I think it forced me to grow for sure. So in a weird way, I guess I'm thankful that I got some really great songs out of it. I know that a lot of people have suffered. So if I can help people feel better and give them music that makes them feel better. That's all I could ask for," he said.

The 24-year-old singer/songwriter's new single, "Arms," was inspired by the worldwide lockdowns and feeling alone.

"'Arms' kind of it feels like a hug. I wanted it to feel very good to listen to. And when 'Arms' came out, we wanted to make sure that we were making people feel happy and not making too much sad music," he shared. "So I'm very, very excited that people are enjoying the dance music as well as the lyrics because we want them to listen to the lyrics and feel loved."

He thinks Filipinos could relate to his song.

"Because it's my understanding that the Philippines is not out of lockdown yet. And there's still that feeling of separation. And I just want all my Filipino listeners to know that they are loved and that they will see their family and friends again and that this is not a forever thing. That it's going to feel lonely for a little bit, but it will end. And that's kind of the message that I want to for them to get out of the song," said he.

Asked for his favorite line in the song, Jack shared it would be the pre-chorus that goes: "Kinda down and your friends don't know/What up on my, uh/How could they when you keep it so (keep it so)/Undercover, oh."

"A lot of people have been feeling really sad during this pandemic. But not a lot of people are saying that. When you go on Instagram, or you go on any social media, you look down and everybody looks so happy. But that's not true. Most of the time, people are telling, or they're just quietly by themselves. They're just so sad. But they're not telling their best friends, which is what they shouldn't be doing. People should be voicing how they feel to their friends and family. And that doesn't happen enough. And so if people can communicate better, I think people will be a lot happier."

Prior, Jack started the year with the anthem “The Year The World Stood Still,” a song about the realization that sometimes hitting pause is vital.

Much more than a song of the moment, the track carries into the concept of what happens even after this is all over and life goes back to “normal.”