Hope is like a fairy tale—it never dies

Published April 22, 2021, 2:15 PM

by AA Patawaran

And lingers like Impalpable Scents, Michael Cinco’s second scent collaboration with Bench


Although the world is in an indefinite state of suspended animation, the sky is still blue, painted in the hues of scattered sunshine. The cities are in the grip of a global crisis, but they remain colored with hope that in these trying times has taken the shape of a fairy tale—enduring, intransigent, immortal, undying even when faced with seeming impossibility.


Fairy tales can be a source of refuge, a spring of hope when there isn’t any, and it is in ode of hope, as immortalized in every fairy tale, that Michael Cinco has come up with his new fragrance line, Impalpable Scents, in collaboration with Bench.

Impalpable Scents was introduced by way of a short film on Arab Fashion Week early this month. The Dubai-based Filipino designer best known for his lush and luxurious couture gowns, a dream even for the likes of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, and Britney Spears, whom he has dressed, has come up with a fairy tale of his own, which provided not only the material for the film but, more important, also the inspiration for the new fragrances.

Both fragrances are as lingering as the emotions expressed in the fairy tale or as arresting as first impressions.

So the film goes: In an enchanted forest, representing the jungle of modern life, where hope persists, a young man falls for the beauty of a nymph, whom he watches from afar, unseen, even as he is close enough to reach out and touch her. He does reach out, unable to resist his desire, and just then, ghost-like, she vanishes, leaving only a trail of scent, the unforgettable trace of fresh flowers and citrus. The scent lingers and so does the desire of the young man. So bewitched is he that he collapses in his desperation and despondency, only to be caught in an embrace so tender it could only be an “Impalpable Dream.”

As an olfactive expression of his dreamy interpretations of desire, hope, and love, for which this fairy tale serves as a metaphor, Michael Cinco’s second scent collaboration with Bench features Impalpable Dream and Impalpable Men.

Both fragrances are as lingering as the emotions expressed in the fairy tale or as arresting as first impressions. Fruity and aromatic, Impalpable Dream is intoxicating with its grass, rose, pear, and woody notes. If desire had a smell, it would smell like Impalpable Men, smoldering yet lighthearted in its combination of grapefruit, lemon, jasmine, and patchouli.

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Impalpable Scents, both the Impalpable Dream and the Impalpable Men, each at P398 per 75ml Eau de Toilette bottle, are available at Bench stores nationwide or on shop.bench.com.ph.