Ellen Adarna weighs in on live-in setup before marriage

Published April 22, 2021, 1:19 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Ellen Adarna

Actress Ellen Adarna has embraced live-in relationships prior to marriage as she revealed that her parents encouraged her to try the set-up when she was younger to be familiar with her partner.

According to Ellen, she was kicked out of their house when she turned 18 and her father encouraged her to live with her then-boyfriend

“My dad suggested na, ‘Mag-live in na kayo, get to know your partner,'” she shared. “Kasi ‘yun talaga yung fear niya, na magpakasal kami at a very young age. So he wanted us to get to know our partner, know what we want and don’t want.”

During an appearance on “Queentuhan” hosted by Pia Wurtzbach and other beauty queens recently, She revealed that her parents are “not very conservative,” though her mom was “scared” for her at first.

“I remember my dad always telling my mom when I was in high school. ‘You know, if you want your children to learn, you have to let them go.’ Because ako I’m a mother, I know how it feels, na parang ‘Okay this is what my mom feels pala na takot na takot siya na palabasin kami,'” she shared, referring to her love child with former bae John Lloyd Cruz.

Ellen reiterated that she and her siblings were more inclined to believe in live-in relationships because they learned about it when they were younger.

“We were exposed to that world or culture,” was how she put it.

Since then Ellen has been cohabiting with all of her boyfriends.

In fact, she admitted getting anxious if she didn’t do so.

“Feeling ko if I don’t live in with a person… I don’t know him. How will I get to know him, how will I get to know the truth? Kasi it’s so different when you’re in the same house,” she explained.

But she’s thankful she did what she did as such set-up saved her from the hassle of tying the knot to an undeserving person.

Ellen revealed that she once dated a man who called her names and degraded her like it’s a normal thing.

“Even my yaya nadadamay. He would throw things at my yaya,” she said. “Nakita ko ito mga after seven months… Doon na lumabas.”

She thinks the reason why her relationships don’t last long is because she always chooses to walk away when she saw red flags.

“Kasi ‘di ako matiisin eh. Parang, ‘Ayoko na ‘to, so what’s the point?’ Sasabihin ko, ‘We lived in for months tapos ayoko na to be with this guy. I cannot see a future with this guy. So why would I waste my time?'” the fiancee of Derek Ramsay said.

Ellen also gave some advice to those who might want to consider such situation.

“Mahirap kasi talaga if you don’t really know the person. Let’s say if you’re going to marry him, mag-iiba kasi talaga eh. Okay na ‘yang i-test drive mo muna bago mo bilhin,” she quipped.

“It’s for your protection. You also have to think about the future and yourself. Things can really go wrong. There’s nothing certain.”

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