Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson reaches out to Jason Momoa to fulfill daughter’s wish

Published April 22, 2021, 4:07 PM

by Neil Ramos

The things a father would do for his daughter.

Dwayne Johnson recently called Jason Momoa.

Apparently, his daughter is a huge fan of Aquaman, a character Jason portrayed several times onscreen.

She made this obvious in one of Dwayne’s posts remarking how Aquaman is even cooler than her daddy.

Then Tia asked him to draw Aquaman for her birthday.

More, she wanted him to join them for breakfast.

Dwayne wrote, “Now this is getting ridiculous…For Tia’s birthday she insisted AquaMan join us for breakfast — and then after we eat, she asked daddy to draw AquaMan so she can FRAME IT and hang it up in her room. Black Adam’s gonna hand out a fresh Aqua Ass Whuppin’ if this disrespect keeps up…”

To those not in the know, Black Adam is a superhero character Dwayne will portray in an upcoming movie.

But it does nothing for her daughter.

Eventually, he had to give in and fulfill her daughter’s wish.

“I had to make the call…it’s what daddy’s do,” he said, going on to thank Jason for actually responding and helping out.

“I can’t thank my brother @prideofgypsies enough for making this adoring 3yr old’s birthday the best EVER. Her reaction is priceless and what it’s all about.

“I love you back, uso and this kind of stuff will ALWAYS be the best part of our fame.

“You epitomize one of my favorite quotes, ‘It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.’

“Thanks for having my back – I’ll always have yours.”