PCSO-Cebu seeks intensified campaign vs illegal numbers games

Published April 21, 2021, 4:59 PM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY — The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)-Cebu has appealed to the police and other law enforcement units to intensify the campaign against illegal numbers games.

In a recent 10-day operation, at least 18 persons were arrested after they were caught selling number combinations in lottery booths not authorized by PCSO.

But for Glen Jesus Rada, PCSO-Cebu Branch manager, the number of arrests was dismal considering how rampant the illegal numbers game has become in the city.

“We are thankful to the police for the 10-day operation but the 18 arrests are very minimal. Based on the information that we received from the barangays, there are still more people operating unauthorized lottery booths,” Rada told reporters in a teleconference Wednesday.

Rada likewise urged the police and the region’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to run after the people behind the illegal numbers game.

“We know these tellers have financiers. I hope our police or NBI will go deeper,” said Rada.

Rada said the PCSO has not authorized any small town lottery operations in Cebu City.

Rada reminded Cebu City residents that those yellow makeshift booths installed by the roads are not authorized to sell number combinations using PCSO’s lotto results.

“The legal ones are those being sold in our authorized lotto and Keno outlets. These outlets have complete signage,” said Rada.

Rada likewise appealed to the public not to patronize illegal numbers games.

He said the PCSO donates 30 percent of its sales to charity institutions and to the funding of the country’s Universal Health Care.

“It will be a big help if it will the PCSO games that will be patronized. The more sales, the more donations that the PCSO can give.”