All BTS members to enlist in military in 2022?

Published April 21, 2021, 2:20 PM

by Jonathan Hicap

BTS with their Order of Cultural Merit medals (Twitter) 

What will be the prospect of all the seven members of K-pop superstars BTS enlisting together next year?

An analysis report of HYBE Corp. (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) published by Korea’s Leading Investments & Securities Co. predicted that “BTS members are expected to be enlisted by the middle of 2022.”

The report dubbed BTS as the “golden key” that guarantees success in the entertainment business, citing the boy band’s records in concerts and album sales.

It said BTS are now on the level of The Beatles and Michael Jackson but the most worrisome part of HYBE is the boy band’s military service.

Under the law, all Korean men are mandated to enlist by age 28 but a recently revised military service law, that will take effect in June this year, will allow BTS to postpone their enlistment until age 30 because they are recipients of the Korean government’s Order of Cultural Merit medals. Jin, the oldest member of BTS, will be the first one to start his military service.

The report said recently, artists who are about to join the military have participated in the pre-production of their next album to minimize the gap between releases.

It said BTS will also participate in making a new album before enlisting and is expected that their actual hiatus will only be about one year because of the album.

About the report, Big Hit Music said, “We have nothing to say except for the position of the artist [regarding military service],” according to Xportsnews.

Military service disrupts group activities of boy bands as members enlist one by one. By the time all the members have finished their military service, they are old and some have experienced a decline in their popularity.

If BTS members decide to enlist at the same time, fans no longer have to wait several years for them to be complete again and restart their group activities.