WOW! Kim Chiu, tempting at 31

Published April 20, 2021, 3:52 PM

by Neil Ramos

Some women are downright bothered getting to 31. Many of them deem it “too old.” Well, not Kim Chiu.

She made this clear in a recent post.

The actress-TV host, one of the recipients of the prestigious Isah V. Red Award at the 4th Eddys wrote, “We age not by years but by stories.”

She added, “Cheers to life…3+1!!!”

We can’t complain.

Kim looked quite the vixen in the post.

In fact, it should be said that she is looking mighty fine at 31.

And that embroidered pantyhose?

Enough said.

Obviously, black suits her.

She thanked all those who sent her love on the special day.

There were lots as made obvious in her previous post.

And so we ask a question.

What more could Kim ask for?

She has it all.

A successful career, a supportive and loyal fan base…

Well, maybe a husband?

A baby?

What says you, Xian Lim?