MB Daily News Update

Published April 20, 2021, 4:39 PM

by Manila Bulletin

Leave the community pantries alone. This is the mounting call from the Palace, lawmakers, and other concerned groups after allegations of red-tagging were hurled against some organizers.

As the country sees a resurgence of bayanihan spirit during the pandemic, more coronavirus vaccines are expected to arrive in country in the coming weeks. These stories, including President Duterte’s controversial stance on the West Philippine Sea, are included in the list of top news on Tuesday afternoon, April 20, 2021.

  1. Government leaders are rallying behind community pantries where people can donate and share food to those in need.
  1. Lawmakers have asked the government to keep politics out of the community pantries.
  1. The human rights commission is taking up the cudgels for the community pantries.
  1. The Quezon City community pantry that started the movement has temporarily shut down over red-tagging concerns.
  1. The police force however strongly denies harassing community pantry organizers.
  1. President Duterte is determined to send navy ships to the West Philippine Sea if China drills oil in the area.

But the President has no qualms about Chinese fishing in the local waters.

A former magistrate gets a reminder from the President about the reality about the West Philippine Sea dispute.

Two senators cautioned the President against surrendering the country’s sovereignty.

  1. Two more vaccine manufacturers are given the green light for the emergency use of their vaccines in the country.

The President had a hand in the Ivermectin clinical trials after all.

  1. The country can expect more vaccine supplies in the coming weeks.
  1. More community pantries continued to pop up all over the country.
  1. Typhoon update
  1. Take a bow Filipinos.