K-pop boy band NU’EST returns with 2nd studio album ‘Romanticize,’ places 1st on charts

Published April 20, 2021, 10:34 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

NU’EST at their online global media showcase on April 19 (Pledis Entertainment) 

K-pop boy band NU’EST made their comeback on April 19 with the release of “Romanticize,” their second studio album in seven years since dropping “Re:BIRTH” in 2014.

The five-member idol group composed of JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun and Ren have 10 tracks in “Romanticize” consisting of two parts. The first addresses the notion of love in an intuitive manner while the second showcases each member’s talent and musicality.

According to Korea’s Hanteo Chart, “Romanticize” sold 91,416 copies on the first day on April 19 to take first place on the daily physical album chart.

On Gaon Music Chart’s daily retail album chart for April 19, “Romanticize” also placed first with 80,753 copies sold.

Hours before the release of “Romanticize,” NU’EST held their online global media showcase on YouTube where they talked about their album, expectations and plans.

“We are happy and also nervous to unveil this new album,” said Baekho while Minhyun said, “This is our comeback in a year and our new studio album in seven years. We are happy and excited.”

JR said, “The album has been a long time coming but also it’s been seven years since we’re back in the studio. This is an album that we spent a lot of time preparing with the other members.”

For the promotions of the album, Aron will be participating in selected activities. Last January, Pledis Entertainment announced that Aron would take a break as advised by his doctor due to anxiety.

“I’ve had the chance to rest and about the promotional activities, I talked a lot with our label and the members. Both the label, our company and the members, they ensured that my wishes are their priority. They said my wishes are their priority and that they will make sure I can take part in selected activities that won’t strain my condition,” said Aron.

Ren said, “I’m really happy. I love, love Aron. Your emptiness, I really felt it so I’m really happy that I can do these activities and promotions with you.”

About goals through the album, JR said, “I think everyone feels the same way. For things to improve so we can meet L.O.Λ.E, laugh and cry together and communicate at the concert hall.”

“I’m sure you have been waiting for a very long time for the album. It’s not a very short time at all. Thank you for always believing in us and always cheering us on and giving us strength. We will work as hard as we can,” said Baekho.

Ren said, “We have experienced very tough times. Despite that you have been waiting for a long time.”

About the significance of “Romanticize,” Baekho said, “‘Romanticize’ means turning the ordinary into something that’s more romantic. We hope that everyone this is what they think about what (being) romantic is and think for a moment to be healed and consoled and feel those emotions together.”

“Romanticize” showcases the carrier track “Inside Out,” which Baekho said, is “about facing a party and you pretend to be nonchalant but after a while, you realize that’s not actually how you feel and your true feelings become revealed.”

When asked what they think about being romantic, Minhyun said, “Romantic is taking a step away from your daily activities. Finding happiness in the ordinary” while Aron said, ”Our daily activities, our daily life is romantic.”

When they were asked if there was a special reason why they decided to release a full-length album this time, Minhyun said, “I will say there was a special reason but since it’s an album after a while, we want to make a good album and bring you good songs and we worked hard for it. and during the process, we wanted to contain a lot of stories and I thought this was the perfect time to release a full-length album.”

NU’EST debuted in 2012 and through the years, they have changed. Aron said members participated in making “Romanticize.”

“It’s been seven years since we released our first full-length album ‘Re:BIRTH’ and I think the biggest difference and biggest growth that you guys can see is in our participation in producing and making the album. I know all the members participated in the making of this album including the solo songs so i think you can see the most growth within our tracks,” he said.

On their definition of romance, Baekho said, “Usually the word romance is associated with love. That’s what many people think. but through our album, we wish to break that stereotype. That’s what we are hoping to deliver through our album. I want to suggest finding something romantic in every moment of our ordinary life.”

Here is NU’EST’s music video for “Inside Out’: