Bikers in Iloilo spread kindness

Published April 20, 2021, 12:10 PM

by Tara Yap

Helps out Lolo Alejandro, a deaf and mute barber

They may come from different backgrounds, but a group of bikers have come together to help out Lolo Alejandro—who is a deaf and mute but still goes around Iloilo City using a rickety bicycle to eke out a living during this pandemic.

Lolo Alejandro Lebuna, a deaf and mute who uses a bike to earn a living in Iloilo City as a barber and masseur

Collectively known as PadyaKool, the bikers from the town of Alimodian in Iloilo province journeyed to Iloilo City to donate a Japanese bike to Lolo Alejandro or Alejandro Lebuna in real life.

“It was spur of the moment. We all came together and the donations poured in,” says Pol Alobin, a town councilor of Alimodian.

Pol recalls that it was only days earlier when a photo of Lolo Alejandro was making rounds on social media site Facebook. Netizens lauded the 73-year-old for his determination and perseverance to earn an honest living despite the risk posed by COVID-19.

“To think, many of us have purchased very expensive bicycles and bicycle parts while he is using an old bike as a means of livelihood,” Pol tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

PadyaKool bikers with Alejandro Lebuna (3rd from right)

Aside from the Japanese bike, the PadyaKool team also gave Super Lolo cake as he celebrated his 73rd birthday.

For Pol, helping out Super Lolo has made PadyaKool more than a group of young professionals and students who share a common interest in biking during their spare time.   

Macky Alcairo, Byl Galan, Louis Ledesma, Rheginald Garcera, Jesmar Alejan, Marcelo Tolentino, Jun Reniel Cabanalan, Lance Adre Lantaca, Mark Carlo Sajonia, Edzel Jinno Nedula, Jason Brynne Labrador, Keiver Jan Polmo, Shenelle Adorable, Jay Belvis, and Jay Lawrenz Hualde vowed to use biking as an avenue to make a difference in their own special way.

The Japanese bike & and the old rickety bike of Lolo Alejandro

“We are looking forward to meeting and helping more Lolo Alejandros in the future. We will continue biking, enjoying every moment of it and help others if we can,” adds Pol.

PadyaKool also likes promoting biking as a healthy and environmentally-friendly hobby as well as promoting local cuisine by promoting small restaurants or carinderias.