Luis Hontiveros admits he wanted to be a ‘plantito’

Published April 18, 2021, 12:12 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Luis Hontiveros

Actor Luis Hontiveros is known for his acting skills and fit body, but did you know he planned to be a plantito during quarantine?

But aside from collecting plants, he also collected something more important.

In a recent media conference with the cast of “I Can See You: The Lookout,” Luis explained, “I’m trying to be a plantito, kasi dahil pandemya hindi tayo masyado makapag out of town ng ma-expose tayo sa nature so trying to bring nature closer to home.”

“So kaming fans nagsimula kami, maliliit muna, but other than that it is mostly collecting memories with the  family here at home,” he added.

Luis went on to share how he recently got a new puppy as an addition to their family.

The cast of ‘I can See You: The Lookout’

“I think that’s the most important realization ng lahat ngayong pandemya… this pandemic really brought everyone closer especially at home,” he ended.

Watch Luis along with the all-star cast of GMA Network’s drama-anthology series “I Can See You: The Lookout” this Monday, April 19.