10 outrageous Miss Universe national costumes

Published April 18, 2021, 8:59 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

To the universe and beyond with Miss Universe USA 2013

One of the most interesting segments of the Miss Universe competition is the National Costume Parade where the candidates highlight their rich culture and history through their outfits.

In some cases, however, these costumes are hilarious, weird and insane. Here are some of the most “unique” national costumes that ever graced the Miss Universe stage in recent years, as compiled by Dane Maverick G. Padel and Merciely A. Salvador of City of Malabon University.

Miss Universe Germany 2016
A princess inside her castle. Look how Miss Germany brought
her castle on the top of her head.
Miss Universe Botswana 2013
An effortless representation of her country. Girls just Botswana have fun.
Miss Universe Netherlands 2013
Is it Miss Universe pageant or is this a school presentation?
Miss Universe Sweden 2016
Is she Annabelle or Taylor Swift with a white horse?
Miss Universe Peru 2013
It seems like she brought a shawarma stand from afar. Have you noticed?
Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago 2014
We’re confused. What are you again?
Miss Universe Curacao 2015
Who’s that Pokémon?
Miss Universe British Virgin Island 2014
Is that a whole new world or the universe rather?
Miss Universe Nigeria 2015
By the look on her face, she’s not happy

with her national costume. Agree?
Miss Universe Vietnam 2019
Feed the world, the universe rather. Miss Universe Vietnam
looks like she’s ready to feed the audience.