Netizen admonishes Alice Dixson for traveling amid pandemic, actress reacts

Published April 17, 2021, 1:26 PM

by Neil Ramos

Alice Dixson is currently in Canada mulling about traveling to the country with her baby in tow.

Her announcement didn’t sit well with a netizen.

The netizen asked, “How do you even travel?”

“This is the reason why (the) world is infected…because people don’t remain where they are…please stop traveling.”

Alice didn’t appreciate it.

She retorted: “Some people are very narrow minded. especially those who judge the actions of others without having any real sense or understanding.”

“My travels are of necessity – not of desire. Likewise I take responsibility and precaution. So instead of telling me what I should do, I suggest you tend to your own thoughts & life…”

Many didn’t like how Alice reacted.

Some of the comments:

“Privileged much? Siguro kapag sinabi ko yan dito sa pulis sa checkpoint baka nabaril ako…”

“Wow. Sana all…sori Alice ha pero totoo ang sinabi ng critic mo….being responsible is not enough. Stay at home nga daw diba?”

“You got caught in you own pretense. Necessity kuno e domestic and international ang travel vlogs mo diba? Ikaw na!”

“Di ko alam si Alice at si Roque pala halos iisa ang takbo ng kukote. Daming tawa ko!”