Emergency go bag: Here’s what you need to pack in times of disasters, emergencies

Published April 17, 2021, 10:29 PM

by Charissa Luci-Atienza 

As Typhoon “Bising” has intensified and is expected to bring moderate to heavy rains over Eastern Visayas, Bicol Region, and the southern portion of Quezon until Sunday, April 18,  the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s  (DSWD) Disaster Response Operations Monitoring and Information Center (DROMIC) reminded the public, Saturday night, April17, about the importance of readying an emergency go bag.

“When there is an emergency threat, it is necessary to evacuate to a safer place. In preparation for this, remember to have an emergency go bag with supplies enough for your family,” it said in a Facebook post.

The DROMIC, which is a division of the DSWD’s Disaster Response Management Bureau (DRMB), gives us a checklist.

The emergency go bag should contain the following items that you need to survive:

-Important documents in sealed envelopes
-Spare cash including coins
-Ready-to-eat food enough for three days consumption
-First aid kit with face mask and face shield
-Drinking water in sealed containers enough for three days consumption
-Rope, old stack of newspapers and sturdy containers
-Supplies for the needs of infants, children, the elderly and persons with disabilities (PWDs)
-Sleeping bags or mats, and blankets
-Flashlight, candles, match and whistle
-Radio with new and extra batteries
-Clothing, raincoat, boots and sanitary supplies