Do more than concealing: Four ways to maximize your go-to concealer for a spotless look

Published April 16, 2021, 1:00 PM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

One need not be a makeup expert to know just how a trusty tube or bottle of concealer can do wonders to an overall look. Considered as a makeup kit staple, a concealer is versatile enough to be used for various purposes, may it be to cover dark under eyes, marks, and spots, or to highlight facial features. Here are quick ways on how to maximize this all-around makeup item.

As an eyeshadow primer

Before a beautiful painting comes to life, it all starts with a blank canvas. In terms of doing the eyes—may it be a simple look or an all-out mix of different colors—a concealer can double up as a primer that will create a clean and smooth slate before you apply eyeshadow. This helps in making your eye makeup long-lasting and to avoid creasing throughout the day. After dabbing a thin layer of concealer onto your eyelids, don’t forget to let it settle first using a powder before applying your favorite eyeshadow palette.

As a finisher to your eyeliner

Perfecting a sharp cat eye can be as tricky as it can get and things can easily go south even with just a single off stroke. Avoid messing up your eyeliner by using your concealer to cover up tiny mistakes. This saves you the time and energy from smudging your eyeliner even more if you can’t properly use a makeup remover to address stray lines. Get a dab of your concealer that’s the same as your skin tone and apply it to the concerned area using a narrow brush. Leave it to your concealer to save the day!

As contour to highlight facial features

Once you learn the art of contouring, there’s no turning back. This important step in your makeup routine adds focus to your facial features by creating more depth to a look. There are complex things to consider when using a concealer for contour, but a basic rule is to choose a shade that’s two shades deeper than your skin tone. This will serve as a “shadow” that will make your cheekbones and jawline look more chiseled.

As a skin perfector

The key to conceal like a pro and keep blemishes and dark circles under wraps is to learn the tricks on proper concealer application. Remember that to hide your panda eyes, you should apply a concealer in inverted triangles, otherwise, the dark areas will just be emphasized even more. When covering acne marks and spots, don’t forget to use the correct brush, then afterward, you can use your finger or a sponge to blend. The last step would be to apply a powder to allow the concealer to set.

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