Derek Ramsay asked Ellen Adarna’s mom for permission before proposal

Published April 16, 2021, 5:00 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

“Sure ka? No return, no exchange ha?” This is what Ellen Adarna’s mother told Derek Ramsay when he asked permission from her to marry her daughter. 

In an interview with Cinema News home edition, the hunk actor noted how he made sure to get the approval of the sexy star’s parent first.

Meanwhile, Ellen noted that her mom is happy about their engagement.

“I know she’s really happy because I’m always talking to her and telling her na ‘wag na kayong umasa na magpakasal ako,’ kasi I really don’t want to get married and if ever na magpakasal ako, hindi niyo na malalaman. Uuwi na lang ako with the husband,” she shared. 

On the other hand, Ellen also expressed gratefulness for Derek maintaining good relations with her love child with John Lloyd Cruz, Elias.

“Derek is very good with kids, and it’s good that he have a lot of energy to play with kids, and he’s very athletic because I don’t know how to play with the boys so I told him that before, I really don’t know to play with them like yung takbo takbo, like yung cars cars na ganyan, hindi ko yan trip,” she attested. 

She believes if Derek and Elias weren’t close, her relationship with the actor would never happen. 

“We couldn’t be engaged, parang we’re still boyfriend girlfriend and it won’t get here,” was how she put it. 

Of course, Derek is thankful for the trust that Ellen is giving her. 

“It’s hard for a kid to get out of his comfort zone… and it only goes that he trusts you and it shows he trusts me, it’s nice that we share that kind of relationship and Ellen trusts Elias with me and she knows I will take care of him and love him. So I’m here playing the favorite uncle trying to be anyway.”