Sandra Aguinaldo enters the shady world of hackers

Published April 15, 2021, 1:12 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Sandra Aguinaldo

This Saturday (April 17) on I-Witness, Sandra Aguinaldo enters the world of hackers.

They say there is a secret world in cyberspace where people adept at technology lurk. You don’t see them. You won’t hear them.  But they can enter your office and your home through your computer. They are the hackers.

Twenty-one years ago, a virus created by a young Filipino hacker named Onel de Guzman made headlines all over the world.  It was named the “I love you” virus which erased files in millions of computers.

The damage it brought was estimated to be at $10 billion. Many hackers have been on the news since then but some of them claim that they now hack legally. 

Some of them have shifted to cyber security where website owners hire them for “penetration testing” and check on their systems’ vulnerabilities and security flaws. They are called “white hat” or ethical hackers.

Alexis Lingad started out as a “black hat” hacker, those who illegally hack into sites for personal gains, but is now a cybersecurity engineer of a global company.  He has a YouTube channel where he teaches netizens how to strengthen their cybersecurity. He believes that hackers are powerful.  He says hackers can control operations of industries, military, and political strength of a country.  Some actions can start a war.

There are also those who start out as an “hacktivist”—hacking as a form of protest that may be politically or socially motivated. 

Rodel Plasabas was arrested in 2013 for allegedly being a member of a hacktivist group called Anonymous Philippines responsible for the defacing of several government websites.  His case was later dismissed, and he became a consultant for the National Bureau of Investigation and Armed Forces of the Philippines.  He is currently teaching cybersecurity to Singaporean students.

Many Filipinos are now spending more time online and with this comes the risk of falling victim to cyber criminals if one is not mindful of his online security.

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